Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bowling Alleys and Movie Theatres

After my studies yesterday, I met a few classmates at the local bowling alley.  (my peers force me to be social once a month and it darn near kills me, just saying....)

I have not been to 'the lanes' in a very long time and I have not been since I became passionate about all of this labeling stuff and access to healthy foods.  

I noticed a few things during my 2 hours there.  A sort of subculture exists among the bowlers.  I remember this from my childhood.  My parents were on a league and once a week or so, I would go with them and run and play and eat french fries and candy along with other kids whose parents were bowling.  Everyone was smoking, drinking and having fun.  Now the smoking is outside.  (right in front of the doors - I might add)

I saw several leagues in play last night and lots of elementary school aged children running, laughing, playing, eating.  I thought about being a parent, coming after work for my league and what I might feed my children.  No outside food or beverage is allowed.  I went to the food area and reviewed the menu.  There was not ONE single thing that could be considered low calorie or low fat - not ONE thing.  No salad, no fruit, no vegetables.  There were many burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, chicken wings, fries, and pizza.  I checked out the vending machines, nothing there either.

Today I received an email from CSPI which included a video link.  It was timely so I have included it here for you.

 Watch the video - it's informative!  (if this is not accessible in the email feature, just click on the health educator link and visit the blog itself)

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