Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remember it's Calories Per Gram

I have mentioned, I think, that I enjoy Joseph's Pita Bread which is made from whole grains and is very low in calories.  I may have said here, but certainly on my You Tube channel, that it is a thin pita.  Thin is not necessarily bad because what is more important is what you put in the pita.  I love this pita bread - I make pizza and wraps with it and use it like toast (for a snack) with a cinnamon and splenda topping.  I have a package in the freezer at school for afternoon snacks.

I noticed that someone else had brought in pita bread.  It was a different brand and I wanted to see how it matched up to mine.  It is certainly bigger and thicker, but at a significant caloric cost.  My Josephs has 60 cals for the whole pita which weighs 37g.  The other brand has 200 cals for the whole pita and weighs at least twice as much 79g.  

The test then is calories per gram. 
In fact, there are more than 1.5x as many calories per gram in the other brand.  Josephs has 1.6 calories per gram the other has 2.53 calories per gram. 

Remember, low energy dense foods are a recommendation of the 2012 DGA.

PS the 200 calorie pita is not made with whole grains.

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