Saturday, March 10, 2012

It isn't just what you eat

I am going to show a picture at the end of my narrative and this post is about that picture.  

I saw the picture or graphic today on a friends Facebook page and I quickly shared it on my own page.  After awhile, I went back to my page and deleted it because I was feeling uncomfortable.  The display (and the point it was trying to make) was too simple.  Being overweight or obese is not simple.

Recall the photo from last month that showed the three stomachs and compared contents by calorie amounts?  That was a good depiction.  The new photo shows two frame people (women of course) with very different shapes.  The thin frame is full of fruits and vegetables and the overweight frame is full of cakes and fried foods.  That is it.  There is no caption with the photo.  By now, if you read my blog often, you already know what is wrong with that picture....

The type of food does not make one 'fat' the amount of calories consumed does.  We talk about high sugar and high fat foods because they are the ones most high in calories. Eating calorically dense foods increases the risk of over consumption and weight gain.  You can eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and such - as the three stomach picture implied - and not consume as many calories.

Now - clearly - the foods in the frame on the right are NOT good for your body - they  increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes due to the metabolic irregularities they may trigger - but if we are talking only about weight - it is calories -period - that matter. 
 (the caption in the picture below is mine)

what you eat impacts your health - how many calories you consume impacts your weight

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