Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Label Change

There is some news to report on the labeling front today - well not on the FOP labeling -  but on Nutrition Labeling.  

Some previously exempt products are now required to post information related to calories and fat.  This is in keeping with the IOM recommendations on changes in product labeling.
It is one of the many things that are supposed to be happening and since this one actually went into effect - I am again hopeful for informed eating policies.

As of March 1st, the USDA is requiring that most ground meat and poultry plus popular cuts of both be labeled or have signage at the point of sale.  The products will be required to give the amount of calories per serving and the total and saturated fat content in grams.
You can read a little more about it here.  

I have not seen them because I do not buy these products, but I will try to keep my eye out for the labels or signs this weekend.

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