Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walking Stories

No - I haven't finished the soda article....
 I have two walking buddies (in NC) now.  I still have my Saturday buddy - who you have heard about already.  The second is an old acquaintance with whom I have reconnected since moving to NC. She is also a doctoral student (and a mom).

Yesterday my Friday walking friend (we walk to talk about our school work and commit to certain weekly academic goals) somehow got me talking about peanut butter.  I know, like that was hard.  Upshot - the other day her daughter did not finish her PB sandwich and when my friend saw it, the peanut butter had separated and she thought, "YUK." But after talking to me, she realized that she was buying the good peanut butter.  (funny right!)

And today - I asked my Saturday buddy about her exercise and diet, because she is worth it.  She has stopped her morning tread climber activity because she really doesn't like it.  She did commit to walking in the evening on a daily basis.  My point with her is this. She underwent a dangerous, surgical procedure that changed her digestive system -forever - and she needs to remember that (which is what I said to her).  
I thought more about weight loss surgery later in the day. 

Most people, including my friend, know that I am against WLS.  I am against the surgery, but I am not against the people who have it.  I do think it should be called The Drastic Gastric.  It is a drastic measure that best be taken seriously.

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