Wednesday, November 2, 2011

College Climate Commitment

Recently I posted about my college's chancellor signing a pledge to address climate change through sustainability measures.  The American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment has been signed by 672 representatives so far.  You can see the list here
I noticed the University of South Florida and The College of St. Rose in Albany NY for example, but not the university I was bragging about the other day. I imagine that they have not received our paperwork.
The text of the document can be read in full here, but it begins with this affirmation of climate change:
We, the undersigned presidents and chancellors of colleges and universities, are deeply concerned about the unprecedented scale and speed of global warming and its potential for large-scale, adverse health, social, economic and ecological effects. We recognize the scientific consensus that global warming is real and is largely being caused by humans. We further recognize the need to reduce the global emission of greenhouse gases by 80% by mid-century at the latest, in order to avert the worst impacts of global warming and to reestablish the more stable climatic conditions that have made human progress over the last 10,000 years possible.

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