Monday, November 7, 2011


I am certain that the next four weeks are going to be very intense as I finish teaching the Human Sexuality class and also complete my own current course load.  Several projects, papers and even an exam will be due before December 6th.  (I have already registered for my new classes in the spring - one of them is in political science)

I am not certain that I can get a blog in every night this month and I am seriously considering microblogging as a possible 2012 goal.

I do have something to post about tonight but as I was trying to get my facts and thoughts together I realized that the pressure was too much, the post too important and that I should write this note instead.  I can write about food addiction  tomorrow or soon.  Instead I will go do my studying now.

I will post as often as I can this month.  If you see that the same post is available for more than a day please know that I am still thinking of blogging just not actually doing it:)

Stay on top of the headlines for me.

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