Saturday, November 12, 2011

Full Body Weight Routine : 2

Here is another example of one of my full body workouts.  If you saw the first one, you know that I work out (with weights) on Monday and Thursday and I use the same routine 4x in a row.  It is a good idea to walk in the door with a plan, it keeps you focused and less intimidated. 

I have done this workout twice so far.   As before, the website which offers the most detailed and visual examples is but it is advertisement heavy so don't click on anything that looks like cartoons!

Bench Press with barbell- You should know that I do not use any weight plates on the barbell because I do not have a spotter.  It is pretty heavy for a light weight girl such as myself, but when I workout with someone I do add some plates.  I am doing 3 sets of 12 reps now.

Piriformis crossovers - This is an exercise that I learned from my physician (sports medicine).  I do have a video of this lunge type move, but it is not yet posted anywhere.  IF you are interested, check with my You Tube channel in a few weeks and it should be there.

Triceps extension and presses with dumbbells - The example in the link is not exactly what I do but it is close.  I take the dumbbells straight down to the sides of my head, not over the bench (remember to extend from your elbow - your upper arm should not be moving at all).  For this training period, I am doing alternating sets of the extensions and pulses. (I bring my elbows to my sides (still lying on the bench) and just pulse up - keeping my arms almost at a 90 degree angle).  So I do 8-10 extensions and then 8-10 pulses and repeat at least once.

Deltoids raises with dumbbells - The demonstration here is very similar to what I am doing for this two week period. However, I am standing upright and my arms are at 90 degree angles. [elbows into my sides and then with arms bent, I raise my arms leading with the elbows and stopping when my elbows are even with my shoulders.  I concentrate on the squeeze on the way down. This works several parts of the shoulder.]   I am using light weights currently because of a slight tear in my right shoulder that is recovering.  I do three sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Cable machine leg work - This is not one to easily explain or provide pictures (I will insert some similar examples).  I use the pulley or cable machine and attach a strap to my ankle.  With a straight leg, I pull the cable back, kick backs.  Then I turn to one side and take my leg (still straight) across my body (this example is close, but I concentrate on crossing my body, not taking it high out to the side), then I turn the other way and take my leg out laterally.  I do two sets with each leg with about 10 - 12 pounds.  This is working by buttocks, inner and outer thighs and to some extent my hamstrings.

Rotating Biceps curls with dumbbells - I am up to fifteen pounds - 3 sets of 8 reps - and the last set is still a challenge.  When I can do 10 easily, it will be time to consider the 20 pounders! I really can't imagine that just now.

Abdominal machine crunches - I believe I showed you this one last time.  I did work another full body routine between these posts and in the other 2 weeks I did traditional crunches.

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