Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hold the Stuffing

No - I did not forget.  If it has not already started, it soon will.  Besides the usual temptations of an obesogenic environment, we will all be challenged by and delighted with, the foods of our holiday traditions.  It is the favorite time of year for many of us and food pushers will flourish.  
This is NOT the time to lose weight, but it is not the time to go crazy either.  I personally hate the saying, "everything in moderation," because it is not true. And still, I think it unwise to turn away from the love and good cheer that those holiday treats are wrapped in.  Therefore, I suggest that for the next three weeks a little creative food navigation is in order.
[I am not going to list all the tips and tricks for party going - I have done that before and many websites offer more.]
I do want to bring back the Hold the Stuffing Challenge.  This is a commitment you make to yourself or to a group.  Whether you do it alone or with others, the first thing to do is weigh yourself.  I suggest you do that soon.  If you are having a group contest, add everyone's weight together. The goal is to keep your weight or the groups weight within two pounds (or five for a group) of the original weight.  It can be that much less or that much more.  IF a group, you can pitch in for some kind of group prize.  I created a tracking sheet which you can find here.  If you have a really cool boss (like I had), people who meet the plus or minus 2 pound goal, can get a prize.
Remember, you can taste the things you love, even have a large piece of your favorite pie - but then something else has to go.  I do not suggest turning everything down because, especially at this time of year, it hurts people's feelings. (For those of you whose weight is putting you at risk for chronic disease conditions, this is not a way to avoid personal responsibility nor is it intended to derail you.  This is just a way to hold steady for a few weeks.)
Hold the Stuffing is centered around the US Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday period.  The goal is to hold weight steady until the first of the new year.  The strategy can be used during other holiday times that are equated with over indulgence as well.

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