Saturday, November 26, 2011


A year or two ago, I wrote a few passionate posts regarding smokers and the risk for COPD.  Earlier this year, I wrote with similar passion when results from a national lung cancer screening trial suggested that smokers received CT scans as a measure to prevent lung cancer or lung cancer death.
My concern has always been the under use of the spirometer for lung function status. Forced Expired Volume or FEV is a measure of lung health (how much air can a person blow out in seconds).  The value is used to determine if one has COPD.  COPD is one of the leading causes of death in the USA.  More smokers are effected by COPD than lung cancer and many cases of COPD go undetected and thus untreated.  It is a devastating disease, but I have said all this in the past.
Today I am quite jazzed to report that a public service campaign is underway - I uncovered it by accident.  The public service announcement or PSAs appear to be grounded in sports.  
I am beyond thrilled to say that one of my favorite former NYGiants football players is part of the initiative.  
When I did presentations regarding the medical consequences of smoking, I often had my audience jog in place while breathing through a straw.  In the PSA I heard, Michael Strahan says that COPD is like breathing through a straw. 
I found the website associated with the campaign and you can visit it here.
The campaign or awareness goal is to get people tested - this is grand.  A lung function test is simple and cheap.  Keeping a person with COPD from having exacerbations is essential in preserving lung tissue and lung function.

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