Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dining Out

In preparation for a meal out tonight, I went to the restaurant's on line menu.  I was surprised to find that there were certain entrees and sides that were categorized as fit and trim and which had caloric content listed.  
I should not have been surprised because it was a chain restaurant and soon all items will have to have this information as part of a new national policy.  I love this policy.  I like to be informed when making important choices and what is more important then the food we put in our bodies?  Well - there are more important things, but this is one that is worthy of some diligence.

I was delighted to have the calorie information but also perplexed by it.  In the vegetable section, steamed broccoli had close to 100 calories.  Why is that?  If you get something steamed you do not want oils or butters, generally speaking (or you would get it sauteed).  A whole cup of broccoli has about 60 calories. 
I tell you this to remind you that healthy by default is NOT the nature of restaurants and to be certain, you should tell your server, no oil, fat or butter - if even it is a steamed item.
I had a great meal of broiled tilapia and dry steamed broccoli and even though the light dishes offered weren't perfect, they are appreciated.
The restaurant and its menu information is available here.

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