Friday, December 30, 2011

Obesity Epidemic Permeates

The expansive girth of Americans is not only the topic of research articles and news shows, but fodder for popular novels.  I know this because I am enjoying the rare opportunity of reading one.
During this brief break between semesters, I checked out a library book.  The novel is by one of my favorite mystery writers, Patrica Cornwell.  It is titled Port Mortuary.
As I read today, I came to a passage where the medical examiner's administrative assistant remarks about all the SUVs and men in suits in the complex's parking lot.
He was speculating on who they could be, FBI perhaps.  
He noted that the men were quite strapping and noticeably fit.  Then said this,
"I think the FBI fires people if they get fat."  Followed by, 
"Well, good luck hiring in America."

Ah, sad but true.  Perhaps the year 2012 will offer promise for reducing the number of Americans who are now overweight or obese. IF anything, maybe we can keep the children who are born in the year 2012 from ever becoming overweight.  Now that is something that is entirely possible!

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