Saturday, December 17, 2011

Staying Fit to Serve

During my travels today, I changed planes in Atlanta.  I must have seen over 100 men and women in military fatigues, returning home from war ( I assume).  Not one of them was overweight or obese.  Fit they were - though I did spot one or two in the smoking lounge and that was heartbreaking.

Seeing them - all of them - beating the odds(besides those  of surviving war)- i.e over 66% of American men and women are overweight or obese, and they are not, stimulated many research questions.

1) Do people who are more likely to take care of their bodies join the service?
2) Does being in the service 'prevent' obesity?
3) What percent of service men and women who return to civilian duty, become overweight or obese?
4) How long after leaving active military service do men and women begin to gain weight?

Those were some research questions I had - but truth be told, I was just damn glad to see these brave, fit people - predominantly young people, home where they belong.

I am not naive, I know that there will be problems and weight gain is not high among them, I just thought it relevant fodder for the blog.

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