Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Swim

It is done.  I did it.  With rare exception, I swam twice a week (indoors) during the entire fall semester - even when it got cold outside and before the pool water was warmed.   From August until now, I swam twice a week except two times when I only swam once a week (because the pool was closed).  If we go back six months, I had 3 once a weeks and the rest were twice a weeks. 
I did get my money's worth from the suit!
The only time that I truly dreaded the swim was in October - when the water temperature really dropped and I tended (literally) to shiver the entire time I swam.

Actually, if you look back at this September post, you'll see some of my angst as I struggled to keep my vow of swimming through to December.

And then there was this post on October 31st when my resolve was wearing thin.  I was called out for being a wimp and "torturing myself" by easing into the pool. I started to jump in the very next time and things looked up from there.

If I look back to June of this year, so roughly six months, I went from 12 laps to 20 - finishing today with 22 laps which is OVER a half mile (1100 yards).  The half mile (880 yards - or just over 800 meters) was my goal. 
Oh, and don't forget, I added the kick board for my final (extra) lap for the last month or two as well. 

I did try the flip turn one more time today, but I missed the wall on the kick off and got water up my nose.  So, well - I can't do everything I set out to do. 

I looked at the usual distances for swimming, biking and running in triathlons and I qualify for the sprint distance on all three and almost the olympic distance (the swim is .93 miles).  

Now that is something to worry about after grad school.  Maybe it will be my 50th birthday present to myself.

I really enjoy the swimming and it has gone from "something to do to rest from running" to a true stand alone fitness activity.  In fact, lap swimming has a pretty high MET value - so WOW - yay me.

That's not really all -  I made it through the entire semester without missing a day of exercise - my regular running, weight training, swimming and walking - all adhered to and all kept me sane.  I am just about as proud of that as I am my final grades!

So - I don't know - there may be swimming in the New Year after all.  The pool is officially closed until January 9th and I am off to Florida for a while - by the time I return I may be over it... however, I thought of packing my suit and maybe going to a Y while traveling :)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal! Florida awaits you! -Jess