Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Misinformed or in Denial

I am not sure which it is (lack of info or aversion to restriction) but the products displayed in the pictures below are not the answer to anyone's weight problems.  Instead, the only scientifically proven safe and effective way to manage weight is through energy balance. If weight loss is necessary, and for most of us it is, then a negative balance must occur.  This means that the energy you take in is less than you need to maintain the current weight.  You can eat less (the strongest factor) or exercise more or both.  The only problem with this approach is that most people, without the help of experts (not those on TV or in fashion mags, but licensed nutritionists or health educators), do not know how many calories they are consuming now (energy in) or how many calories are burned in the exercise that they do. 
Also, the change in calories in or out has to be consistent every day.  If you are going to exercise more to lose weight, you must do the extra every day and you must not eat more because you have exercised!
Imagine that you know you are eating 2000 calories a day now - for the next year you might try eating 1800 calories a day (but you have to know the amount of calories in the food you eat) and/or, you are walking 20 minutes a day now, and to lose weight you double that to 40 minutes a day, you have to do that EVERY day. 
It is much easier to get 200 calories off your plate than to burn them so I suggest you learn about food. I also recently reviewed an article which discussed effective strategies and the ONLY commercial program on the list was Weight Watchers.
 However, for your health, mood, aging, fitness and such - I and other health promotion specialists, recommend daily exercise.
But the most important thing, for anyone is that they Do NOT get tricked into buying the scam products seen here !!

Whatever it takes??  Seriously??   It takes eating less that is what it takes!

Really Large/X Large?? Because a size small makes sense??

Magnets do NOT cause weight loss...

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