Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is likely that you are thinking of things that you will do differently or for the first time in 2012.  The New Year is fast upon us and has already arrived for some.  I would caution you to carefully consider your 2012 aspirations.  I would most definitely set goals but only after careful and deliberate thought of how you will achieve them and if those steps (the how) are doable. 

But really that is a post for tomorrow - or one you might find elsewhere.
Tonight's post is about what has past.
For me it is the end of the year and my most important time for journaling or reflection.  I make a point to touch in at important times, but my New Years Eve or New Years Day journal entry is a tradition.  Sometimes I write on both days.  I also weigh myself at the end of the year and midway through (that is all).  The journaling and weighing have similar purposes.  I am touching base with myself - in print.  Am I on the course I wish to be?  Are the things I want to keep stable (like weight and relationships) in good shape?  Am I on course to meet the goals I have set?  Is it time to set a new goal (it always is!)?  What important things have happened in the past year?  What obstacles have I over come?  Which have I constructed? What challenges need more attention. ETC

I strongly encourage you to explore, touch base and make peace with 2011 before you make your plans for 2012.

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