Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Way We Celebrate

My sister told me, some years ago, that as people and life changes, so must our traditions.  We find new ways to celebrate, show love, be together.  Her first mention of this may have come not long after our father had died.  It was hard to do things, especially holidays, different than I was accustomed and comfortable.  We did though - now we have new traditions that may be replaced in time, but for now, they are good.

A lot of us celebrate with food that is not the best for us.  That is okay when the celebrations are spread out, but not so good when they occur in sequential, multitudes. (i.e from Thanksgiving to New Years)

Tonight one of my dearest friends and I (who live near enough to see each other frequently, but who do not because our lives are so crazy), shared each others company as our holiday gift.

We attended a YOGA class together and then shared a healthy meal and one libation.  We returned to our separate homes renewed, refreshed and feeling good about ourselves and our friendship.

I even took a picture of my meal to share with you!
It's a bit blurry because my phone doesn't have a flash..
steamed broccoli and mixed vegetables - YUM!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for celebrations with friends!