Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cutting Calories

Drink one glass of wine instead of two – and or – check the size of that glass

Use diet sodas or non calorie mixers if you drink alcohol (liquor)  Liquor has about 100 calories for every 1.5 ounces.

Still – if you drink two or three sodas a day or a week now, just cut that in half for now.

Do not cook with oil or butter (if you must add it after you cook, each teaspoon contains 40 calories)  (MEASURE!)

Also – use apple sauce for the oil/fat in your baking – at least some of the time.

IF using milk for something, choose skim.  Almond milk is usually very low in calories.

Reduced fat cheeses and the light laughing cow cheeses will save you plenty of cals (but watch for sodium content) as will sugar free no fat yogurts and ice creams.

Switch out your usual crackers for WASA ones with 20 cals per slice.

However much bread you eat now, eat half of that.

Read food labels across products, if you start buying the ones with just ten or twenty calories less – the overall reduction will add up, so to speak.

Go for small to medium sized fruits, eat bananas, rice, pasta, peas, corn and similarly starchy foods sparingly.

Do not drink your food.  When you puree things you increase the caloric density.  This goes for smoothies and juices, even the 100% kind.

Avoid sports drinks and protein bars.  You do not need them (unless you are an elite athlete and only then if your coach told you so.  Similarly if you have received personal medical advice in this regard)

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