Monday, February 27, 2012

To Sleep

I have written several posts that mention sleep.  This one talks about sleep needs as we age and this one refers to over use of medication for treatment of sleep irregularities. (if you want to see more of my past posts on sleep, use the search box on the Health Educator blogsite - on the right)

I bring the posts up because this popular press article discusses some recent research that identifies the high risk of mortality (death) related to the use of some of the popular sleep medications.

One of the things I consider myself blessed to have is good sleep.  I only have trouble falling or staying asleep on the rarest of occasion.  I attribute my sleep consistency to sleep hygiene - same time to bed and wake each day- daily exercise and good nutrition (every day).  

When I was completing my first semester of the doctorate program I did have a real sleep scare.  I NEVER thought of treating it with a pill, but I can promise you, a doctor would have offered me one in about two seconds.  It was hard - but I worked through it - I knew it was stress. I did a lot of self talk - trying not to give into it.  I was very fearful of letting an acute 'crisis'  become a chronic condition.  Again - I do not take my good sleep for granted.

There are true sleep disorders that require medical treatment - the thing is - most people getting that treatment don't have those disorders!

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