Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feel Good.

Yes.  That is what your English teacher would describe as a command statement.  I am telling you to "feel good."  It is what you should demand of yourself.

My friends, coworkers and now classmates, know me as the great reframer, positive thinker and sometimes motivator.  For instance, one of my friends recently told me that she and another friend had recalled one of my sayings, a Deirdre-ism she called it.  "You can do anything for ten minutes that you couldn't do forever."  She said five - but I always say ten.  (I think she was trying to cheat!)  That little declaration is intended to get people (myself included) going on a task that might seem arduous.  The ten minute rule is for exercise.  If at the end of the day or whenever your exercise is 'scheduled,' you really feel like plopping on the couch, the ten minute rule is for you. Instead of succumbing to the negative pull,  go forward with whatever you had originally planned, because you DID plan something, and if you still feel like crap after ten minutes, okay you can quit.
I also use the "you can do anything for a little while that you couldn't do forever rule" for harder things, like grad school.  I can do anything for 3 years than I couldn't do for ten, etc.  And scary things, like getting my blood drawn, or for some, riding on a plane.  These are hard things that are temporary.

Today, another friend (funny thing is that they are both named Paula :)) told me that I had a special ringtone song on her phone. When I call her, instead of a ringing sound, she gets, James Brown -too funny- singing, "I FEEL GOOD."  Because she knows that  when she feels bad I am going to tell her to convince herself that she doesn't.

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