Monday, February 27, 2012

Odds and Ends

This week's version is going to have to be a literal one liner - it is mid term project and exam week and my brain is literally about to implode... oh, ok - obviously - not literally... but I may be gone for a few days....

Prescribing Exercise -  I am really delegating this one.  One of my newsletters had an intriguing headline - doctors are telling patients to exercise!  That is great news.  I kept the article in my queue all week but never had the time to read it.  I will pass it on to you. Read Me.

Weight Watchers Gains Another - One of my professors told me he joined Weight Watchers - and I bet you know what I said...... "THAT is AWESOME!"  Followed by, WW is the only program that I have ever endorsed and that is because it teaches lifetime habits - not 'diets.'

Heart Attack - Women - We die from heart attacks more than men.  It may be related to the symptoms that both women and physicians miss.  Watch the CBS news video here.

My Ice Cream - Earlier this year, oh wait - late last year, I told you about a Blue Bunny ice cream that was sugar free with half the fat of regular ice cream.  Not all Blue Bunny but some types of it meet this criteria.  This week I noticed a change in the package.  It now says Sweet Freedom AND comes with some FOP labeling.  Listed on the front are calories, total fat grams and carbs.  Well - one out of 4 ain't bad.  The recommendations from the IOM were saturated fat grams, total calories or calories per RACC (i.e. 1/2 cup), sodium and sugar.  The IOM also said not to add the % DV.  This label had that as well.  It did not tell how many grams per serving or the household serving size that this info pertained to.  Still - I find the ice cream yummy.

Store Labels - On another shopping trip, I noticed that the grocer had put some FOP labeling on its packages of shredded cheese - store brand.  Again, they are not using the standard or the info that has been recommended by the IOM.  I truly hope the FDA gets on top of this.

Database updated - The USDA nutrient database that I have referred you to in the past, has been upgraded.  You can visit it here.  First click on the start your search here line and then put in the name of a food, like I just did - KALE  - It will come back with some options, like - cooked, raw, frozen, salt, no salt...etc and it will tell you the nutrient info, including calories.  SO the kale I made today - oh my goodness it was yummy.  I simmered it with garlic powder and a bouillon cube.  It isn't always yummy, but this batch was the best - it was only this good once before and I didn't make it that time.  My sister says that it has to do with when it was picked.  When I bought it - today - the tag said, fresh - local.

HA HA HA _ I said these would be one liners..... I am going to fail my classes......

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