Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toddlers to Twenty Somethings

On one of my running routes, actually two of them – I pass by preschool play grounds. I see the children outside by the swing sets sometimes, but on one of the routes, I run (on the sidewalk) right by the fence where the children are playing.  I always smile and wave if they are looking.  I have to show them the grown up having fun exercising J

Last week, I ran by that particular pre school, and the kids were out again.  It had been a couple of weeks since I had seen them – the weather I suppose.  The children – boys and girls – are most certainly age 3 and 4.  This last time, I saw one or two digging, a couple running and a whole group of them walking down hill backwards, falling, rolling, laughing. It was divine.

Today, I did some studying outside on campus, because it was warm.  I am quite lucky to have 1) an office (cubby) space at all and 2) to have this space on the floor that ‘houses’ the athletic team training and rehab rooms.  I am always walking by runners, softball and base ball players, students who play volleyball, basketball, and soccer, etc.  While I was outside today, the women’s softball team was practicing.  I saw some good catches, throws and dives.  A group of male runners congregated near the building entrance, and a trainer worked with a few women.  One of them was on a stationary bike – outside (how cool).  But the best thing I saw – a young woman who was small framed (so I would guess her a runner), had a cinch around her waist – like a horse might be tethered to an aerator or plow.  The strap around her waist went down her right and left side, again, think of a horse being hitched to a hand plow. She was attached to a round piece of steel, iron or something – which really could have been some kind of grounds keeping tool – but on closer inspection, it seemed to have a free weight  - or weight plates on it. The heavy round disc (oh let’s see, hold your arms in front of you with your fingertips touching, palms facing you – it was at least twice that round and a few inches in diameter) was flat on the ground.  She turned around and was pulling that thing across the field and back. The disc did not leave the ground – she drug it.   Mostly I expect she was working her legs – quads probably. 

But anyway – YAY for spring and physical activity and our youth – 3 or 4 or 24

As NC Says – Eat Smart and Move More

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