Saturday, February 4, 2012

Healthy Deluge

I lingered in the frozen food aisle during my weekly grocery trip today.
This is more an indication of my desire to put off writing the
evaluation summary proposal that is due Monday then any intent to buy a healthy choice entree.  Oh sweet procrastination.
Anyways - 
On the one hand, it is awesome that there are so many choices from so many manufacturers or brands in low calorie frozen meals, but on the other-not counting the lack of any standardized front of pack labeling system (wow - that was dizzying) - they are ALL processed.
I tend to cook most all of my own food unless I go out for dinner.  These items are too expensive and not as low calorie and "whole" as I can  make myself.

I will say  that the abundance of lower calorie meals is a good thing and it must certainly lower the price of the category in general.  If I were to buy frozen meals, there is no doubt that I would choose the lean cuisine, lean gourmet, smart ones, store brand or what have you - over any regular frozen dinner.

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