Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My OFB is the city's FOG

It is a pretty well known fact that I do not cook with any oil, fat or butter and that when I go to restaurants, I order my grilled seafood and steamed veggies without any oil, fat or butter - or as I like to say no OFB.

I do use monounsaturated oils - especially olive oil - I just don't cook with it.

I am admittedly saturated fat phobic. However, more of us should be afraid of that artery clogging fat.  Saturated fat is what you find in red meats, fried foods, and many baked goods.

I do want to keep my blood lipids (blood fats) low as to prevent plaque build up and hardening of my arteries - things which can lead to a heart attack oh and if your a man - erectile dysfunction (i.e. blood flow to the penis:)). (of course, saturated fat is very high in calories too!)

FOG is something similar.  I got a little postcard in my mailbox yesterday from the city - it told me that FOG - fats, oils and grease - can clog the sewer system and I needed to NOT pour them down my sink or into my toilet.  The city suggested that if I put FOG in the trash my pipes would not clog.

Thus - FOG or OFB - whatever you call it - it is best to trash it.

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