Friday, September 3, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Dateline: IT services - UNCG. While my blackberry is being reconfigured I thought I would try to get my post started.

My meeting with my would be nutrition mentor did not go as well as I would have hoped. In fact, there were tears. Seriously, I cannot believe I said that out loud.

Her area of research and focus is preventing hypertension in young adult black males, pretty much exclusively. She is spending much time writing for publication and her next step is to partner with a physician in an attempt to have the most impact. In other words, she isn't interested in children or obesity! Ah well, I still hope that she will agree to be on my planning committee - though she has to think about it.

While we were talking, she did say something that made me think. She said that the most vulnerable of the community, those most at risk for obesity are the disadvantaged or poorest members and they do not have time to begin to think about what to buy, how to cook it and issues such as these. She said that it is a matter of social justice in that regard. She said this after I said that my interest was NOT in social justice. So yeah, okay I messed up there. Though I did say I support efforts in the area of social welfare, etc, it just isn't my area of focus. But in retrospect, the issue for me is that people should NOT have to work hard, think hard, etc to have a healthy diet. The options should be available and affordable - and that may also be a political construct, and I firmly believe it.

Anyways, she did give me permission to take one of her graduate level nutrition courses, so that is a start - Cross your fingers for me on the planning committee -

Okay - hoping my black berry will be ready in minutes...

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Paula said...

OK, my fingers and toes are crossed. :)