Saturday, September 18, 2010

October Fest

I spent most of this evening trying to remember what I heard today that I wanted to share in the blog - and finally, it came to me.

Oktober Fest is nearing and in Germany it will be the 200th Anniversary of the event - which includes drinking a lot of beer in tents that are set up outside. This is the LAST year that smoking will be allowed in these tents, in Bavaria, a southern state in Germany.

Germany has a smoking rate about ten percent higher than that of the USA in both men and women. It is a significant 30+ percent.

It is surprising then that the law passed, but pass it did (that is what happens when the smokers don't come out to vote!). This German state joined many others by banning smoking in cafes, bars and restaurants. Next year, add tents to that list.

YEAH!!!! I can go to the Oktoberfest and breathe easy.

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