Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I do not want to get into a kid theme, but I will pass on this link from a friend. It shows some very creative lunch box ideas that do look quite healthy. The food is a keeper, but I guess adults don't need it to be so cute!

I brought my lunch to class today. It was a salad with lettuce, boca crumbles, tomato, onion and mushrooms with Walden Farm dressing. I had a few orange wedges and a couple of my favorite Mexican brand sugar cookies. It was less than 150 calories total.

On Friday, we are having a few visitors to my graduate program and guess what the director did? He put ME in charge of the refreshments. Ah SO. Going to the store in the morning. Here is my shopping list:
Fruit - probably grapes and oranges
Bell Peppers
Laughing cow light spreadable cheese
Kraft 2% cheese cubes

Okay back to studying....

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