Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gym Seen

AH - that reminds me of my post of things seen at the beach - I miss the gulf coast of Florida. Anyways, if you read that one, you know I really am referring to observations not scenes...

So I was in the Student Rec Center today - reading journal articles while moving - OH - BTW - one of the professors here at UNCG has the treadmill desk - so awesome. He can walk slowly while working on his computer. It isn't exercise really, but a way to prevent the deleterious effects of sitting too long.

Anyways, this rec center is NOTHING compared to Lifestyles Family Fitness - where I was a member in Florida, but it is paid for with my dues, so hey - it is sort of , almost, but not really, free.

The treadmills are very different than you see at most gyms or even for sale to take home. The are a little shorter and much narrower. The console is small enough for you to hug, though you cannot reach all the way around. Today, a young lady next to me had her speed up relatively high and had both hands gripping the top of the console. It is hard to explain in words but I must try. She was a tall, thin girl, nice long legs - her elbows were at her ribs and with her hands above, there was about a 45* angle or a Vee from her shoulder to elbow to hands. Her stomach was very close to the lower part of the console, where you push start, stop, enter etc. So her feet are flying, but barely touching the belt - she was indeed anchored with her hands. It was ALL I could do to not say anything.

Here is what I would have said, "Girl - your arms are working way harder than your legs!"

Take home message - don't hang on to the treadmill.

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