Monday, September 26, 2011


I mentioned that I was going to recycle my ink and batteries today (and I did), but that I would be left with expired prescription drugs.  Of course the pills expired because I generally do not take pills!  They are migraine pills in case you are wondering - if I had been prescribed antibiotics for example, I would have taken my full course :)
I am so grateful that I did not become someone who "has" migraines and only had one bad, bad month.

So the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA does have a prescription drug take back program - or a take back day.  This year it is in October and you can enter your zip code into a box on the website HERE to find a center near to you.
Pretty cool and smart.  Keep those medicines out of our water and food.

[I did take a look at a local pharmacy website and it referred me to federal and state agencies - so I guess this is the only game going]

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