Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sex Ed Video

I showed my college level class a video tonight.  I  then began a discussion with these prompts:
As an educator or parent, would you show it to children?

A great dialogue ensued along with more thoughtful questions.  (i.e. does knowledge lead to action? Is the physical information accurate even if the context is not?)

Before we watched the video, I asked them to write down two things 1) their very first memory of where babies come from and then 2) their memory of when and how that belief was changed, expanded or shattered.  I haven't read their cards yet but I am looking forward to it. A few students did share part one - I shared mine as well.  A seed that grows in the belly (your whole life) until you are married and then a baby comes out :)

With that - I leave you to click this link and watch the video - which is created to educate children.

You might want to note my above questions before you do so you can play along!

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