Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yes - but more specifically - cow poop - ok - manure.

This brief blog post can be credited to my sister (the great recreational landscaper) who pointed out that the organic label does not just show up on our foods (increasing their price) - but also on bags of manure.

I took it upon myself to "google" organic manure.  The search generated many results, but I only went to one of them. I chose to go to the Wiki Answers link.

I learned that inorganic manure is what we call fertilizer and involves chemical processing where organic manure consists of or is made from decayed plant or animal matter.  An exact quote from WikiAnswers deserves your attention:
In common language English in the USA, "manure" is always organic manure.
 There is really nothing more to say, though I was really curious about what a cow had to eat in order to make organic manure and I wanted to tell that cow not to believe the food label!

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