Friday, October 1, 2010


I am a huge fan of strawberries - high in antioxidants - they are free radical eater uppers - and low in calories, sweet but with fiber too.

I like to have a little cup of them with my Walden's Farms almost no calorie chocolate dip - every night - but I don't. Sometimes I have other fruit!

Strawberries are highly perishable - they do not last a week - they are expensive.

Recently I blogged about packages on the shelf that contained rotten ones and since then if not before, I have been keeping my eye out for a frozen brand that I would buy. I have checked several stores and what I have found is that they are still very expensive and for the extra money - this time - you get more calories too. Even when I found some brands that did NOT add sugar or syrup - the calories didn't make sense. I.e. according to the USDA nutrient data base, strawberries have about .3 calories per gram. If the frozen strawberries were just strawberries they wouldn't they be the same?

Today I actually got both areas covered. The package of frozen strawberries was just over two dollars and a cup had 50 calories. They were pretty yummy too.

Guess where and what brand?

Wal-mart - Great Value. I bet they would make a nice sorbet if you whipped them up. They were also clean and whole and not bruised or moldy - how cool....


Jess said...

We also buy WalMart frozen berries for the very same reason. Another idea - buy a bunch of berries on sale, clean and freeze on a cookie sheet. When frozen, transfer to freezer bag and keep for months! =-)

Karen said...

Seasonality matters! Those strawberries suffered a lot to get into a cantral NC grocery in the fall of the year! It's time for pears and apples and such. Or for frozen as you discovered. Variety is good but increases costs.

Deirdre Dingman, MPH, CTTS, CHES, PAPHS said...

you are spot on Karen and I do love apples! I am seeing a lot of plums and peaches as well