Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bake Sale Do Over

As I was walking with my friend who has had the WLS this evening, she shared that the church had called and asked her to make something for the bake sale. She said yes, even though she didn't have the time (two jobs and in school too!).

She said she didn't know what to make and that she just might get some cookies at the grocery store bakery. I said of course, "Oh NO! You are going to give them that processed, crap." She said, "The kids won't know the difference." To which I exclaimed even louder, "Oh man, they are the one's who need to eat better!"

So she asked me about the cereal bars that I make. She and many of my friends and You Tube fans like them and have incorporated them into their daily diets. We got her all set with the ingredient list and the video instructions - so YEAH - a healthy option at a bake sale.

BTW, I think it was 2007 when I worked at WFUBMC, we had a bake sale. I made a tray of sugar free - low calorie goodies and they sold out lickety split!

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