Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Show me the MONEY - doc

Ah the challenges of limited time - there is SO much I could explore and share based on the work of ProPublica - a journalism website - if there were more hours in my day.

The bare basics are thus: This group has used available information - meaning there is more that we do not know- to put together a report on the dollars big Pharma gives to docs and to which docs that money goes.

There are lists of the top giver and top receivers and there are lists by states and a searchable database. I have already found one doctor that I have always thought a fraud for other reasons and now I see he is the recipient of over 3000 dollars from Pfizer. The data is quarterly - not years, not lifetime. BTW, Pfizer is NOT at the top of the list for pay outs, it is fourth.

So if you ever wonder if your doctor is giving you a prescription for a medicine that he or she is a paid promoter of - ASK and of course, then check for yourself.

Here is the link. I have a few more doctors to enter in the search box!

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