Sunday, October 24, 2010

Odds and Ends

Holy Cannoli - I am still that busy :)

Euphemisms: I heard some mukety mucks talking on Market Place or CNBC. The topic was whether or not businesses would start to use and purchase corporate jets again. EXCEPT - they were calling them "business airplanes." WHAT?! too funny. Which reminds me of a comment my sister/reader made, that you may not have seen. When I posted about the FDA and what was it, knee replacements?, anyway - I said, influenced and Annie said, "you mean bought." so sad.

Thyroid Radiation: People who have thyroid cancer often receive radiation treatment that involves the ingestion of radioactive substances. This was discussed in the report on radiation exposure released this past summer. The news stories this week were about the cancer patients infecting hotel rooms and other people. We really do over radiate.

SOY: A study has found that women who have had breast cancer (even the type that is related to estrogen in the body) may have less chance of recurrence if their diet has a certain amount of soy in it. The interesting thing is that many people have shied away from soy and many people have over consumed it. I said this before and I will say it again - when a study supports a certain food or nutrient it does NOT refer to mega doses and almost always refers food sources. So there is still a concern with soy shakes, powders, bars and such. I use soy flour and use soy meat substitutes, that is all.

Dr. OZ - DJ?: At the Student Rec Center this afternoon I heard Dr. Oz on the satellite radio station. He was advocating music to work out by. He came on every ten minutes or so with some research tidbit and motivation. Pretty funny. The music was mostly of the hip hop genre.

Diabetes: A report which I have not had the chance to review suggests that the number of persons with diabetes in the USA is expected to triple in coming years. Diabetes is often associated with obesity. Thus, if the OECD is correct and we are going to have an adult obesity/overweight rate of 75% in 2020 - this makes perfect sense. African Americans have higher rates of obesity and diabetes than do whites, however, the rates have increased substantially for all of us.

Asthma Friendly Schools: (another thing I haven't been able to look up) A peer referred to an initiative that aims to reduce the amount of emissions that are released when cars idle at school entrances. Pollution from cars is a cause and an exacerbater of asthma.

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