Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Soda

Seriously - I was stunned. It was break time during one of my classes and I noticed a sign in the lobby area of the 4th floor of the Science Building. The plaque said, Mountain Dew Lounge.

I pointed this out to one of my peers and then another told me that all the floors have a "soda" named lobby. So I am pretty sure that it would be safe to say that Pepsi helped pay for the building.

Now I do drink a diet Mountain Dew just about every other day (a diet coke on the others) but I consider it one of the less healthy things that I do. Soda probably isn't good for you even without sugar.

I think it is shameful to have soda themed rooms, but at least it wasn't one of the Public Health or Nutrition buildings.

And this is NC - so yes Pepsi rules the south - but what you usually see are buildings and rooms named after RJReynolds or their cigarette brands.


Didrika "Didi" said...

Hello Diedre, This is your Dutch princess, out here in the hollar, lol!Please remember me from earlier, as I commented on obesity. I would like to say "Just Say No to ALL Sodas" It sounds like I'm being a Ms Goody-Two-Shoes, but I'd like to share with you a story of a young woman, who was obese, decided it was from all the "pop" she drank and had the fortitude, willpower, strength and common sense to totally quit drinking "mountain dew" (her weakness) and lost 80 pounds!
There is another story about pepsi, that is told around here that they became aware of the dental problems that ensued, after their customers continued drinking their softdrinks and they sent a semi truck, equipped with a dental clinic inside to facilitate the poor country-side residence with cleaning, filllings etc. I believe Diane Sawyer's TV show aired the episode @ two years ago. I am becoming a big fan of yours, please keep writing! We'll continue pulling our weight here!

Deirdre Dingman, MPH, CTTS, CHES, PAPHS said...

That is great! thank you for sharing and you are so very right - those things have between 150 and 200 calories each. BTW, I have an obese sister who drinks pepsi all the day long.
And - I wanted you to know, though it is many many generations back, my father's ancestry is scotch/dutch and I believe it is the Dingman part that is dutch and that they came to NYC in the 1600s!