Monday, August 9, 2010

A Matter of Attitude

Dateline: Greensboro NC. Okay the truth must be told. I am only human. That is it. I am human and exhausted and worried and in a tizzy but should acclimate soon. I will be sleeping in my own bed, in my new apartment tonight. But first I have to make the bed and I also need to take a shower, after I hang the curtain. OH MY - but I really, really, really, just want to go for a run. NO exercise today however - just a five hour ride and a day long move in.

I DID have something to say - my goal remember was to have a health note every night.

I heard a program while traveling through South and North Carolina. The topic was the recession and people losing work, staying unemployed, facing financial hardship. A few things really hit me. One was a man who said that he was some type of white collar professional who lost his job and is now doing landscaping work. He said that he was over 50 years old and that type of work was too hard on his body. HELLO? Another was a woman who said that many in her family were struggling during this recession and were now on medications. She meant psychotropic ones. Lastly,another caller talked about when he lost his job and stopped his exercise program among other things and soon became very depressed.
I say, when change happens, and it will, keep whatever part of your routine that you can, as it will ground you.

As you can see, I practice what I suggest.

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