Thursday, August 19, 2010

Movement is an Analgesic

If you do not know what analgesic means or what an analgesic is - look it up. That is what my Dad would always say to me if I didn't know a word. He didn't tell me to Google it - but you may do so!

Without tracking down the journal article on this study (who has time!), let me tell you the initial finding and why I at least support the idea of the research. The study may not be a gold standard clinical dream - i.e. it may not be generalizable, but the researchers are most definitely on to something.

The Tufts University School of Medicine worked with 66 persons who had been diagnosed with a disease that is sometimes considered controversial, Fibromyalgia. I am one of the doubters, or at least I associate the illness with something somatic, like depression or another mental illness. At times I even wonder if it isn't just something that a pharmaceutical company has "created" because if you can name it you can treat it - or throw drugs at it.

The recent study was suggestive of a reduction in symptoms and an improvement of mood for persons who engaged in regular sessions of tai chi.

Exercise IS Medicine.

The worst treatment for fibromyalgia and nearly every disease, including back pain, is bed rest.

Personally, I had a busy day in orientation and feel good and excited about my classes and the program as it begins on Monday. Rode my bicycle in the rain though and that was less than fun. However, I did not FALL off the bike at anytime today :)

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Paula said...

Glad to hear you didn't fall off your bike! Got my exercise in the form of moving 33 boxes of flooring from the pallet in the garage to the dining room. :)